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Used edge detection

With the new grades, Seco took into account users’ need to reduce waste by quickly and accurately determining unused insert edges. A unique new approach to used edge detection makes it very easy to identify unused edges with the naked eye, with the key feature being the fact that there is no impact on overall performance. The used edge detection was selected to give the highest possible contrast and excel in real-life working conditions in all new Duratomic Technology Grades.

Used edge detection

Hard facts aboutunused edges

Our surveys show that approximately 11% of the edges on discarded inserts are unused. Solve this problem with our new Duratomic inserts, which make it nearly impossible to miss unused edges.
Seco used-edge detection means not wasting performance from any edge.

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The wonderful world of atoms

With the refined Duratomic technology, we created a comprehensive selection of grades optimised for high and reliable performance in specific cutting materials and applications. By controlling and ordering the atoms and crystals, we were able to improve the mechanical properties and thermal and chemical inertness. Combined with increased toughness, this created performance far beyond the capabilities of traditional Al2O3 coatings. Additionally, the new coatings improve heat resistance, chemical inertness and reduce the tendency of workpiece materials to adhere to the cutting edge.

The best turning gradesever made

Over the past 10 years, we have continued extensive research into the technology that produces our Duratomic technology based coatings.

We have now incorporated all of that knowledge into six new grades: TP3501, TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 for steel turning while TK1501 and TK0501 are developed for cast iron turning. By keeping the same characteristics and strengths as their predecessors, these six grades represent a substantial improvement in both toughness and wear resistance. The new grades boost productivity and greatly enhance the machining value.

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One stop shop for turning


  • 1st choice for secured productivity in steels
  • TP3501 is intended for most toughness demanding applications
  • 1st choice grade in steels
  • When reliability is prioritised
  • 1st choice in low-alloy steels
  • When prioritizing applicability
  • 1st choice in high-carbon steels
  • When productivity has a high priority


  • 1st choice in ductile cast iron
  • When general cast iron applicability is required
  • 1st choice in grey cast iron
  • When productivity is prioritised in all cast irons

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